Cloud Solutions


Our effective, efficient and affordable cloud solutions will never let you down

As the IT arena faces challenges of increased business demand and flat revenues, CodeMunks cloud computing solutions have emerged as a promising solution, capable of bridging the gap between business expectations and IT capabilities. Cloud solutions efficiently meet modern-day technology and business challenges and offer compelling economic advantage and competitive edge to global business models. These solutions are focused at enabling IT firms strategically shift from capital expenses to operating expenses and render services on-demand via collaborative sharing of cloud assets. They also cater to the need of monetizing services in a rapid manner, irrespective of business size or geographic demographics, by delivering scalable and flexible business models.

The foremost challenge faced by most enterprises entering cloud world is to decide upon the cloud model that will compliment their business requisites and enable them to harness the best potential of full cycle cloud solutions. Availability of cloud resources and time to staff cloud experts, often hinder the process of successful and timely cloud deployment. Furthermore, businesses need to provide consistent and secure across multiple platforms and delivery models with agility and efficiency. Thus, it becomes imperative to evaluate your choice of technology carefully and deploy cloud solutions accordingly.

Using tools and resources rendered by CodeMunks, enterprises can build individual cloud that reduces operational costs and enhances productivity. Our cloud services render numerous benefits that are not leveraged by other business solutions. Some of the benefits of our cloud services are enlisted below.

CodeMunks renders professional and highly technical cloud solutions and services that make it easier for businesses to harness the maximum potential of cloud computing, offer cloud services or make use of cloud-based applications. CodeMunks experts are armed with technical arsenal that enables them to efficiently handle huge and intricate requirements.

CodeMunks cloud computing solutions are all about bejeweling IT efficiency, flexibility, along with reducing the overall headcount and expenditure of your IT process. Leading enterprises across the globe are leveraging our exquisite range of precise and accurate cloud services for generating massive business advantages.

We help you maximize your business productivity as well as profitability building by making the most of our cloud storage solutions, data management services and automated processing technologies. Almost all mid- and large-sized enterprises, around the world, have jumped on the bandwagon of cloud computing to experience a breakthrough business performance and a never-before flexibility.

Our cloud services primarily target cost savings, resource utilization, and maximizing business efficiencies.

Striking benefits of CodeMunks cloud services

  • Up to 80% increase in time-to-market
  • Up to 65% reduction in overheads for the management of IT storage
  • Up to 50% service growth prospects
  • Effective resource utilization through automation

CodeMunks is the pioneer in providing a range of dynamic, result-oriented cloud services that are based on stringent services delivery models, and highlight numerous B2B and B2C feature such as creating chargeback or showback models, automating IT processes, delivering secure & affordable cloud storage, creating meter usage, and a lot more. We provide a holistic package of effective and cost efficient cloud migration and integration services to fit your unique business needs.


Migration to the cloud

We help you benefit from cloud computing technologies by assisting you in migrating your business applications you’re your existing remote or dedicated hosting to stable and secure cloud infrastructure.

Here’s a listing of our service highlights in the segment:

  • Analyzing the readiness of your applications for cloud migration
  • TCO analysis for maximum cost savings and Return-on-Investment
  • Public/Private cloud suitability analysis for application migration to the cloud
  • Planning and executing apposite roadmap and cloud strategy for efficient migration

We explore and evaluate your existing IT infrastructure to provide you straightforward migration to cloud computing so that you can help your business with massive savings in terms of cost as well as time. Our cloud solutions consist of Datacenter servers, enterprise servers, email servers, portals, backup servers, Database servers, et al.


Cloud Integration

For deriving maximum productivity from your cloud applications, a trouble-free mechanism is needed for importing or loading external data, replicating or exporting data to analyze or report different purposes, and for a synch between your data and other on-premise cloud applications. CodeMunks provides you the best-in-class integration services cloud-based and on-premises apps.


Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services provides a comprehensive and exquisite collection of application services and infrastructure that offers you the autonomy of using the cloud for running almost everything: spanning from straightforward business applications and complex data projects, from high-speed mobile applications to social applications.
Other cloud services offered by CodeMunks include solutions based on Salesforce, AWS, Google App Engine, and much more.