enterprise mobile solutions


The ongoing boom in the mobile technology has made it necessary for enterprises to apply mobility solutions for enhancing accessibility, convenience, security and time efficiency both for employees and their customers.

Enterprise mobility enables enterprises to conduct business more reliably, quickly, and cheaply through effective management of information. Mobility solutions solve the problem of deploying "right information - at the right time - to the right person - at the right place".

Business executives are usually on the move and require real time data in their hands all the time. Mobility solutions can access high volumes of data from multiple locations, convert them into meaningful information and present it in an easy to comprehend format. Executives can make precise decisions based on this information and save a lot of time. Enterprise mobility solutions also break the long standing barriers of location dependency by providing global connectivity and remote access of information to business personals.

CodeMunks has designed a strong and impeccable mobility strategy over the years. Our enterprise mobility solutions are backed by a comprehensive engineering dexterity across various mobile firmware, OS platforms, and handsets.

Investments being made by enterprises on unmanaged mobility activities are building up like anything – and the increase in investment directly inspires an upsurge in the overall cost of a business process, thereby sealing the window of optimal resource utilization and business productivity.

Enterprises now understand the worth of optimized mobility solutions for improved business value, profitability and branding – and are therefore going jittery on finding a tried-and-tested mobility solution that can help them to a faster, extra-active decision-making. The margin of error, in choosing the most painstaking mobility solution, is very narrow.

In the worst case scenario, unoptimized mobility services can play an absolute carnage for any business process by cutting down the Return-on-Investment (ROI); however, the buffet of business values brought by mobility to an enterprise can be undervalued for no special reasons.

An assurance that the dynamic mobility solutions offered by CodeMunks will help you make the most of your business processes, workforce and decision-making strategies, would just be an understatement. That’s because CodeMunks enterprise mobility solutions are destined to refashion the concept of flexibility and decision-making to facilitate greater agility and responsiveness on part of your employees as well as the organization, as-a-whole.

Why enterprises require Mobility Solutions

CodeMunks understands the requirement of mobility solutions for enterprises and their executives who require constant flow of information for making quick and critical decisions. Enterprises require mobility solutions:

  • To enable supply chain visibility.
  • To help executives in monitoring the performance of various divisions and managing their operations in a much effective manner.
  • To send early warnings and critical data to the executives, thus keeping them on their toes at all the times.
  • To keep the business personals aware of latest business practices, general consumer's mood shifts via social sites, company's reputation and brand image etc. This information can be critical while formatting business strategies.
  • To stand out in a competitive marketplace with the revolutionary use of consumer mobile applications on tablets and smartphones.

Stand. Survive. Succeed – Against All Odds

Changes in preferred technology, usurping of new competitors, corporate mergers & acquisitions, economic slowdowns, fluctuations in sales trends, introduction/modification of trade treaties and laws, etc. are some of the biggest killjoys for your business, we understand, and that’s why we, at CodeMunks, invent highly adaptable and supple mobility solutions that help you stand, survive and succeed – against all odds.

CodeMunks has always believed that an effective and efficient enterprise mobility strategy must be user-oriented, in the first place. We therefore think like a user and work by keeping the aims and objectives of your organization at the core of our services.

So if you intend to set up a dynamic, result-oriented and technology-driven mobility solution for you enterprise, then CodeMunks is, by far, the best way to go about it. Not only we show you the way to success in enterprise mobility, but we get you there and we stay there for you, forever.

Benefits of applying Enterprise Mobility Solutions

  • Business personals can access data from different databases even at remote locations and make quick & accurate decisions.
  • Enterprise mobility solutions provide the functionality of "plan and track form anywhere" to various executives.
  • Enables accelerated decision making functionality by providing real time access of various key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • High levels of security provided by mobility solutions keep the unwanted personals from getting hold of your critical business information.
  • Mobility solutions offer highly analyzed information procured from multiple data sources in an easy to understand format.
  • Keep yourself informed with current business news, trade news and other updates via mobility solutions.
  • Stay in touch with your colleagues, business partners, suppliers and other personals from any location.
  • Increase employee productivity & reduce operations cost.
  • Allows the business executives to perform dynamic planning and re-planning.

CodeMunks utilizes most effective and suitable technologies for developing the perfect mobility solution for your business requirements. We know how to leverage the technology for eliminating information latency suffered by many organizations in their daily functioning.