Mobile Application Development


CodeMunks is the bellwether in providing multi-platform mobile applications for enterprises and mobile users around the world

Thinking about connecting with your employees in real time? Or is ‘tracking them’ on your mind?
Are you in quest of an innovative mobile application?
Do you dream to make it big in the mobile “app store”?
Do you dream to leverage the growing opportunities in mobile technology for fulfilling your business objectives?
Are you battling a lag in response time for the delivery of leads and services?
Are you?

Don’t just dream, move a step forward and discover the reality slumbering deep within your dreams. At CodeMunks, you dream and we deliver. With service-oriented architecture and a host of forward-thinking strategies, facilities, abilities, experience and tools – we are committed to bring your mobile development dreams to life.

If you are one of those who believe that mobile app developers come a dime a dozen; well, then, you’re right – what else. As the world is passionately picking up its pace in mobile technology, global business processes and customers are getting more and more mobile, i.e. flexible and demanding, in their approach. Mobile application development, in recent times, has evolved as one of the most active elements of the global business outsourcing and the market for mobile apps has, perhaps, ballooned to its boundaries now.

But even in our day, it’s not always you find a developer skilled to perfection in creating practical, applicable and responsive mobile application to bridge the abyss between your expectations and investment. And not every day you find mobile applications that are designed to deliver.

However, excellence comes easy, at CodeMunks; and the credit mainly goes down to our team of highly experienced developers who are, always, on their toes to go that extra mile for ensuring the success of your mobile applications. We deliver on-the-go apps that are tailor-made to fulfill your business objectives across a range of mobile platforms, including but not limited to, iPhone, Android, iPad, Blackberry, Smartphone, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and then some.

Mobile Apps Development Services Includes:

  • Custom Mobile Application Development
  • Mobile Game Development
  • Mobile Commerce Application Development
  • Business Application Development
  • Mobile Sites and Web Application Development
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Application Development
  • Social Media Application Development
  • Business Marketing Application Development

CodeMunks has served a broad clientele, including organizations and entrepreneurs from across the globe, with cutting-edge mobile applications that are aimed at enhancing the overall productivity and profitability of your business. Our enterprise solutions make sure you capitalize on the growing demand in mobile technology & application development, and drive the wave for the betterment of your business by reaching out to more customers and generating more revenue streams.

Our mobile application development strategies focus on increasing your business efficiency, reducing operating costs, and ensuring maximum return-on-investment (ROI).

Mobile Application Benefits

  • Mobile application development for any budget
  • Integration with web version of the application
  • Scalable applications with minimum maintenance requirements
  • Stringent QA and validation processes for all applications
  • Internet- & Intranet-based enterprise applications
  • Real-time content updates and status reports for development processes
  • Fastest development time in the industry, guaranteed
  • Google Play and Apple AppStore publishing
  • Reach to customers all over the world, in just next to no time

Challenges & Solutions in Mobile Application Development

Challenges Solutions
Limitation of screen resolution. Applications should inherit smart user interface designs for enhanced usage. User interface should be adaptable for different devices operating at different screen resolutions.
Negative effect on device performance due to CPU and memory limitations, limited battery life etc. Requires extensive knowledge and experience of working on different mobile platforms using best programming standards. Solutions should be optimized for enhanced battery performance.
Availability of various mobile platforms thus increasing the cost for developing different applications for each platform. Development houses should deploy applications that support mainstream platforms and use cross platform development techniques to reduce the cost significantly.
Users have access to various different brands and categories of mobile phones. Apply embedded software development techniques for better solutions that are compatible with different mobile phones.